My flower pot for my mom

When i was at caring hearts camp i made this caring hearts camp is for kids who have lost a parent. this represents that you will never be complete because of the whole on the side. the reason this is for my mom, is on january 26 2015 my mom passed away from lung cancer.

Black forest

There was once a tree named Elmer, Elmer liked to be tried to be very funny so he got sad. Elmer decided to go into exile because all trees were supposed to be funny elmer was heading toward the “Black forest” the reason it was called this is because there was never sunlight in the forest. Elmer decided to go there because he thought no one would ever find him. He was in that forest for one-hundred years and he was getting bored of the darkness Elmer thought he could make it bright. The reason he thought this is because while he was waiting in the “Black forest” he learned Mystic powers. So he did the forest became bright and Elmer was happy so he decided to call it the Mystic forest.Again and again the visions came I saw them they saw me they dashed and scurried across the land I gave chase then they were gone.


This is the prequel of the Mystic forest

my pizza burn

yesterday my dad made some pizza and i didn’t let it cool off before eating it and a piece of pepperoni fell of and hit my chin. so right now part of my chin is scarred which is kind of funny because i have never done that before i actually never burnt my face on any food before.

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Through the eyes of Butch Country's son

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